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When we truly focus on positive thoughts, and our dreams, we find they materialize. Writing them down helps increase this possibility. When we truly believe in what we write, speak, and think… We can bring about things that seem miraculous.

What we tell our minds is what we believe and we start to see the opportunities and follow them. These opportunities are always there, but when we do NOT write it down and focus, we miss them and do not see them.

God, Source, the Universe, our angels want for us to believe in ourselves and our worthiness. They know we are special and we all have the ability to succeed.

What you believe in yourself, will be true. Believe in the negative, you will see the negatives. If you believe in the positive, you will see more positive.

All things are there, in front of us…it’s just how our mind chooses to see….. A glass can be half empty or half full. It is the same glass and liquid. It is how our mind sees it that makes it different!

Sending you blessings of health, light and love.

Posted 271 weeks ago