Intuitive Angel Card Readings & Inspirational Gifts

      Intuitive Psychic and Certified Angel Card Readerâ„¢ Cornelia 

Connects (channels) your Angels and Spirit Guides.

She uses intuitive guidance, angel cards, meditation, and energy from pendulums and healing crystals,

To inform you about your life story - past, present and suggested paths for your future. 

Information can be regarding health, spiritual, romance, emotional, life purpose, or general information.

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Readings are given weekly, monthly, yearly, when you need certain answers, or at specific times in your life.

You will always receive the Answers to the questions the Angels hear from inside your Heart. 

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         Located on Beautiful Vancouver Island just a few minutes south of Campbell River, BC 


                           Readings (30 minute for $44) or (60 minute $80) can be scheduled in her office at Shelter Bay.                                         (reduced rates considered, if required)             

Mini readings (10-15 minutes $25) available at local Spirit Fairs

Readings are also available by Email, Phone, or Video Calling 

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Appointments scheduled by phone, email, or this website

      Payments by Email transfer, Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, as well as Cash if in person 



For many years I searched for my purpose.  One day as I gave myself a reading it suddenly came to me.   

My Purpose is to bring Divine healing, light & love to this World!  

I do this by offering intuitive angel card readings, as well as providing venues such as the wonderful energy at the spiritual wellness symposiums and fairs.  Bringing together the speakers and vendors with the clients who need to hear, meet, or be guided by them. 

Sending blessings to Everyone, today, tomorrow and each beautiful day in the Future.

** Cornelia **


With an Angel Card Reading

The angels will answer the questions in your heart as they pick up your energy and pass on gentle, positive, inspirational, comforting, and guiding messages.  It is astounding how accurate the readings can be. 

The angels give you a picture of what is happening, and will happen in your life, at the time of the reading.

 Since we have free-will, we can alter our life journey. Choosing a different path will enable the outcome to change. You will always be in charge of YOUR OWN LIFE JOURNEY

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Health Light & Love 


* Next Dates *


April 17, 18, 2021


JULY 17, 18, 2021

Location - Willow Point, Campbell River

Book a table - Contact Cornelia

at 250-504-0302 or 


Door Prize donation appreciated

Admission will be FREE for all customers/guests  ***  Many door prizes will be drawn throughout the weekend

Pass on the info to anyone you feel will be interested  *** Hope to see everyone there!


Birthdays, Mother's Day, Father's Day, or Christmas

Purchase a Gift Certificate for an 

In Person, Phone, Skype or Email Reading

$44 for 30 minute Reading

$44 for Email Reading

$80 for 1 hour Reading 

'Gift Certificates for the Hard to Buy for Person'



8x8 full colour Photo Book

Scenic photos have an angel inspired message.  Book can be given for Christmas, Birthday, keep for yourself, or any event.

by CR Ritchie.

         To order your copy see information on                  'Events & Services'  page.    


Personalized 8x8 Photo Books

Great idea for Christmas, Weddings, Birthdays, any event

Book can be filled with miscellaneous scenery photos as well as a few pictures of the recipient.  All photos will have a personalized angel card reading - specifically for the recipient. 

          To order this unique gift, see information on 'Events & Services' page

Other Items For Purchase

Angel Chakra Jewelry Necklaces & Earrings

            Great gifts for yourself, Christmas, Birthdays,              Anniversaries, or Just Because

To order - see information on 'Events & Services' page

Inspirational Note Cards

Blank note cards can be used for any event, or framed as an inspirational photo.

Each card has a beautiful scenic photo and an angel inspired message

To order - see information on 'Events & Services' page.

Angel Reading Gathering


Host your family, friends at your home.  

Prices $15.00 per person (minimum $75 - If only 2 people attending then each person pays $37.50 - If 5 or more attending, each person pays $15.00) The evening begins with a short meditation.  The hostess and each person attending will receive a minimum 3 Angel Card (5-10 minute) reading. As time permits and as chosen by the attendees, there will be a discussion on at least one of the following topics.  Meditation, Intuition, Chakras, Basic Crystals, How to give Readings, etc.

Hostess receives a Gift Certificate for a Free 30 minute reading

Contact Cornelia to schedule your Date

Quantum & Healing Touch Energy Healing

Breathing * Energy Vibration * Healing 

A Relaxing, Nurturing, Heart-Centered Energy Therapy

Natural Healing working with Life Force Energy

 Using gentle, intentional touch, Cornelia will Focus, Amplify and Direct the energy, for a wide range of benefits for surprising and often extraordinary results.  To help you to balance your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.  

An effective method for reducing back pain, reducing muscle aches, healing injuries, healing burns, and so much more. It works in harmony with standard medical care.  

(works well for people and animals)

If needed, Energy Healing will be included with the Intuitive Angel Card Reading

(distant healing also available)

** Services provided by Health Light & Love do not in any way or form substitute for medical or therapeutic care and attention**

Health Light & Love is a (sole proprietorship) owned by Cornelia (Connie) R. Ritchie

**If within one month of your reading you believe the angel's message was in no way close to what you needed - I will happily give you another reading free of charge**