About Cornelia.....

Much of my life, I travelled my own path.

 I always believed in following my moral compass, being truthful and honest.  My home life was non-religious - we attended church only on special occasions.  Later years I learned more about religion.  Yet I never felt comfortable with the inconsistent ways people acted in church versus their day to day lives.

Much later in life (after 50), I found my spiritual (not religious) soul guided path opening before me. 

I have always been a person who planned her life and the path she took.  I knew plans could change and I was comfortable with this.  Yet, I was always in control.  Then one day I felt guided to attend a workshop hosted by a lovely lady, Laurel Geise, who taught us meditation and how to live your soul guided life.  

After this workshop, I had numerous 'co-incidences' rapidly happening.  I learned that the angels want to help us, but they will not intervene unless we specifically ask for their help. 

I asked! 

The angels started sending messages to meditate, to learn about healing crystals, and the angel cards by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine.  One thing led to another and suddenly I found myself guided to take courses, to meditate, and give myself angel card readings.  Throughout this I realize I have no idea where this soul guided life will lead.  I suddenly find myself no longer in control. 

My future is in the hands of God and the angels giving me daily guidance.

Each day I begin by thanking God and the angels for their daily guidance.  I hold the crystals and ask for the one(s) I need today to stay in my hand.  I carry the crystal(s) all day, meditating upon their healing properties.  Next, I pick the angel card deck I am guided to use - giving myself a reading.  Asking what I need to know today.  I keep a soul journal with the information about the  daily crystals and the cards.  Reviewing these messages when I need reminding - which happens - since I am only human! 

All these recent spiritual messages are not new to me.  Looking back I realize I have always had the angels surrounding me - trying to get my attention.  I did not listen - until 2014 when I found myself guided on this spiritual journey.  It began with my first deck gifted to me by my spiritual soul-mate, Bev King - leading to my certification as an Angel Card Reader. 

 Over the years I've been blessed....

....to have a visit from the spirit of a distant relative when she passed.....she stopped by to say, 'I love you and good bye'.  Then a few hours later I was informed of her passing.

....to feel and know of an accident happening to a close relative.....feeling the pain just as he did.  Then a week later, he calls to let me know he had this accident and the expressions he mentioned were exactly what I felt and at the same time and date. 

....to feel comforted by the knowledge we had an angel in our home, letting us know he was there by giving a short ring to our phone right at 10 pm, every night, continuing for a few years.

....to know we had our guardian angels watching over us, when my mother and I were driving a canyon highway.  Around the corner we hit a sudden rain storm - she hit her head on the side window and was knocked unconscious.  We started heading toward the cliff and within 12 inches from the edge my mother awoke, pulling herself back up into a sitting position, using her right hand on the steering wheel.  This allowed the vehicle to turn away from the cliff and heading now toward the mountainside.  Instead of crashing into the mountain head on, we hit one wheel on a new telephone pole (waiting to be erected) lying along the edge of the road, giving us a gentle bump up over the pole and now we are driving up the mountainside.  Suddenly we are pulled back down to stay, safe and sound with one front wheel stuck on the pole. We and the vehicle survived - unhurt.

....to know that in spite of the negative times in my younger life, I needed to be forgiving toward those who were not so kind....

Thanking God and the angels daily, for their help.


Thank you so very much to everyone who gave me permission to use their comments on this website.  I would love to take the credit, but I was only passing on what the angels showed me.  

Thank you on 'their behalf' for your very kind words.   Cornelia 


Thank you.  You are very good!!! 

Margaret B.  Alberta, Canada


Thank you so much.  It's exactly what I need to hear. 

Susan C.  Ontario, Canada


Thank you for the reading.  It has been extremely helpful!!  I have always felt a connection with my pets, past and present.  I definitely feel we are spiritually connected.  You are spot on there!!   Thank you so much :) 

Heidi P. Langley, British Columbia


Thank you so much, really liked the reading.  You're real good.  Many thanks xx. 

Diana H.


Thank you so much for my reading.  It's amazing.  I can relate to everything you said, thank you for the guidance x. 

Jilly M.  England


WOW thank you so very much!  In-Joy  



Thank you & Angels for this amazing reading.  This reading has validated everything I was doubting, love how our Angels work.  You are a true blessing.  God bless you, tons of light & love. 

Maureen Bandas.  Fort Qu'Appelle, Saskatchewan


Every single thing you said to me in my reading was completely accurate!! 100% And this was my very 1st reading I've ever had and I feel blessed that it was by you! I have been waiting patiently for a long time because I knew when the timing was right, it would come and from the person meant to send me the message. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking time out of your day to do something so special for me! I pray that blessings come your way X10! You are an angel!

I heard what the Angels were telling me loud and clear! And the motivation I feel right now is unbelievable! I don't have the exact words but I feel I finally have some answers in life. I thank you! I hope you do make a website or something so I can get readings from you in the future. You are awesome! 

Michelle East Thompson


Thank you, I really appreciate you taking the time to do this for me.  It's a lovely reading, all that you have said I can relate to.  With lots of love and Angel blessings. 

Anne W.  West Yorkshire, England


Connie administered a Quantum Energy treatment to my dog, Jake who had an obstruction in his throat.  The estimated cost for the operation by the vet clinic, was just shy of $500.  Connie administered treatment, he coughed once more that night and that was the end of his week long ailment. 

Prior to my experience with Jake's healing with Quantum Energy, I was sceptical.  After this, I asked for a treatment for my recurring headaches.  It was explained it could take a couple of days before the body finished healing itself.  That was true for my experience.  I highly recommend the treatment Connie is offering and if Jake could speak for himself, he would 100% agree

Linda, Campbell River, BC